Early morning in the hospital was not about sleeping; rather it was filled with waiting at least for us.  My wife was counting contractions riding nature’s roller coaster with grace and strength.  I was doing my best to be supportive and be quiet and found myself flipping channels on the TV that was bolted to the wall facing her bed.  I thought about the irony of being bombarded with drug commercials to the hospital bed captives.  I thought about how we all too often live life buying what they tell us to buy, consuming what they tell us to consume, plugged into media in increasingly embedded ways, our TVs, computers, cell phones all rolled into one that now even hang from our ears and don’t require us to so much as move before being filled with information.  I thought about how soon there might be a procedure to implant…

Then the nurse came.  Very quickly, it was time for the pushing and in a blur Olivia was here.  Praise God!  What a wonderful world filled with possibility!  I love everybody!

The next morning when the waiting was over I held her by a window with the sun coming in and she looked up at me through clear eyes for the first time.  My heart gushed with love and feelings of emotion, inadequacy, and responsibility.  Tears streamed down my face.  Where will this little beautiful one go in her lifetime?  What will she see?  What will the world have for her when she gets old enough to make her way?  How will technology shape her world?  One thing is for sure, we’ll have a blast finding out.  THANK YOU for all the kind messages of congratulations and support during this special time.

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