Whether you vote straight “R” or “D” or whether you’re a ticket splitter, it’s important to vote the non-partisan section of your ballot, which contains important races for judge and school board.  Following are some of my picks:


Justice of Supreme Court

(8 year term – vote for no more than 2)

Richard Bernstein


Justice of Supreme Court Incumbent Position

(Partial term – vote for no more than 1)

Deborah Thomas


Judge of Circuit Court 16th Circuit

(Non-incumbent position – vote for no more than 1)

James Maceroni



Macomb Community College Board of Trustees

(vote for no more than 3)

Jennifer Haase

Vicki Selva


Chippewa Valley Schools

(full term – vote for no more than 2)

Laura Cardamone

Andrew Patzert


Chippewa Valley Schools

(Partial term – vote for no more than 1)

Jill DeMuynck Zech


East Detroit Schools

Charley Jackson


L’Anse Creuse Schools

(6 year Term – vote for no more than 2)

Donald Hubler


L’Anse Creuse Schools

(4 year Term – vote for no more than 2)

Charles Eslinger

Linda McLatcher


Mount Clemens Schools

(vote for no more than 3)

Jason Monk

Michael Schictel

Glenn Voorhess


Utica Community Schools

(vote for no more than 2)

Denyeal Nesovski

Mary K. Thomas


Warren Consolidated Schools

(6 year term – vote for no more than 2)

I Susan Kattula

Elaine Martin


Warren Consolidated Schools

(4 year term – vote for no more than 2)

Carl Weckerle

Brian White




County of Macomb “Elect a charter commission?” I’m urging a NO vote.

Why?  This is a periodic vote required by the Charter.  While it may have some flaws, it is still too early to amend the County Charter.

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