I believe in resolutions, new year’s and otherwise.

Cynics and realists alike are correct that the late-December deals we make with ourselves are mostly discarded by MLK day. While that’s mostly true, it does not mean that resolutions are a waste. The very act of making a resolution – assessing ourselves, acknowledging areas for improvement, charting a course for change – is an powerful act of self awareness, even if we ultimately lack the resolve to see it through.

This year, like many folks, I resolve to make sure there is less of me. Now I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to join a gym or give up pizza but I’m doing my best to cut out the sweet stuff, move more, and drop some pounds.

In 2016 I resolve to choose understanding over judgement. It is often said that people are like icebergs in that much is under the surface and not easily observed. I resolve to remind myself that I may not know the back story.

In 2016 I resolve to be present. Like many, I am constantly noodling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds. As enlightening as all the witty memes, cuddly puppy pics, and political rants are, I must remind myself that they are no match for the live action unfolding before my eyes every moment. I need to do better job in meetings, with friends and colleagues, and especially at home, at putting down my iphone and staying in the moment.

In 2016 I resolve to better connect and collaborate. I am working to get into orbit with quality people near and far who strive for excellence. I can’t do 2016 alone and wouldn’t want to if I could.

What are your resolutions? Are they still going? Write back and tell me YOUR story. I want to hear from YOU!