The fix is in? Gimme a break!

While the video announcing my candidacy for Macomb County Clerk was indeed produced before I filed for the office, I did not know what Carmella Sabaugh’s true intentions regarding her decision to run or not were literally up until the last moment.

Carmella and I have enjoyed a good working relationship for many years and had previously discussed my interest in serving as County Clerk if and when she was ready to pass the torch. In addition to being a competent public servant, Carmella is also a savvy political operator and kept her cards held close, so to speak. That said, this is Macomb County politics after all, well-known for twists and turns. In order to be a successful navigator of these choppy political waters, one must be prepared.

I have been working hard making the necessary preparations to run a countywide campaign should an opportunity arise. In addition to formulating a social media strategy, I have also been actively fundraising, networking, and generally doing the things necessary to mount a successful campaign in a county as big as Macomb.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked hard to help build Macomb’s future. Together with others, I helped bring higher education opportunities to Macomb. I authored and passed Macomb County’s first Ethics Ordinance and crafted rules to help local businesses get a chance at county contracts. I’ve stood up against powerful insiders and said ‘no’ to pay hikes for politicians. I have a proven public record of standing up for working people, veterans, and seniors.

I’m running for Macomb County Clerk because I respect this community and the people in it. You deserve someone who works as hard as you do and who will be there to help when you have questions along the way. I have the energy and experience to deliver the quality services you deserve.

I am honored to have the support of Carmella Sabaugh in this campaign and hope to earn your vote as well.