[FM notes: In recent years, I have received many inquiries about my stance on the second amendment. Following is an email response I recently sent.]

I consider myself a supporter of the second amendment and believe that it guarantees the individual’s right to gun ownership, not just a “well regulated militia.” I support additional funding for mental health programs and support efforts to prevent the mentally ill from obtaining firearms.  I am not opposed to background checks in gun purchases and support restricting access to firearms by those involved in domestic assault and other violent crimes.
I was raised in a gun-owning household. My father taught me how to safely handle and discharge firearms. As a Boy Scout, rising to the rank of Eagle, I spent a lot of time on gun ranges as a young man.
As a State Representative from 2005-2010, there were not many “hot-button” gun issues that came before us during that time but I did vote to codify the “Castle Doctrine” which afforded legal protections to persons who shoot intruders in defense of their homestead. I also co-sponsored legislation to prohibit discrimination in the workplace against people based on their gun ownership status. As a County Commissioner, I helped secure funding for the Clerk’s office to add additional personnel and capacity to more quickly process CPL applications and reduce waiting periods for applicants.
As you know, the office of County Clerk/ Register of Deeds, while influential, is not primarily a policy-making office. Rather, the County Clerk is charged with implementing the laws, including processing CPL applications. If elected, I will continue to work to streamline this process, including further refining the on-line CPL application process, and ensure that citizens’ second amendment rights are not impeded.