It wasn’t until just before midnight on Tuesday that it became clear that we had won the Democratic nomination for Macomb County Clerk/ Register of Deeds. Since then, we’ve been picking up signs and other implements of the campaign in somewhat of a haze and only now is it becoming real!


I am grateful for Divine Providence.

I am grateful to the voters. No matter Republican Red or Democratic Blue; no matter which candidate you voted for, I respect all those who exercised their civic duty and participated in our community conversation. Voting matters.

I am grateful for all those who made this campaign successful by knocking doors, making calls, helping with mailings, making financial contributions, attending events, addressing friend-to-friend cards, “liking and sharing” our FB posts, or hosting yard signs. I’m grateful for the team we assembled who made this all possible. This is our victory together!

I am grateful for my family. No one put more into this campaign than my best friend and better half. Jen: you are my love, my life, and my best friend. I love the life we have built together and am indebted that you choose to endure the challenges of a political life together. Thanks to our girls and our parents for their love and support. This is our victory together!

This victory is for the men and women who make up the union movement. I’m grateful for the trust and faith you placed in my candidacy. We’ve worked side-by-side and your support helped propel this campaign to victory. Union proud/ union strong! This is our victory together!

I tip my proverbial cap to Mr. Paul Wojno who ran a spirited campaign. Paul and his wife Lisa are good people and I look forward to working with them into the future. Props also to the third Dem candidate, Ms. Denise Greiner, who turned in very strong results. I celebrate strong women in politics and respect the power of the female vote.

It is important to remember that, while an important step forward, our work is not done. We will not stop until the votes are counted in November. We know that this election is unlike any other and will not take anything for granted. Until then, we will continue to run a grass-roots campaign focused on person-to-person communication with voters in every corner of Macomb County and do what we must to win the General Election on November 8, 2016.

Lastly, I am rededicating myself to working for local unity. I am pledging to move forward with malice toward none to build solidarity with supporter and well-meaning opponent alike. The stakes are high in Election 2016. “The New York real estate magnate’s support is strongest in Macomb County and northern Michigan,” the Detroit News wrote yesterday. If you believe as I do that fate of our nation is wrapped up in this presidential election, then you know that the work to be done is too important and the stakes too high to dwell on the differences of the past. What we hold in common is much greater than whatever would make us discordant. I’M WITH HER and will do everything I can to keep Michigan blue in November. Let’s deliver that victory together!

But for right now, I’m simply grateful.


Fred Miller