187,759 voters were proven right

187,759 voters were proven right: Fred Miller was the best qualified candidate for Clerk in 2016.

Nearly two years later, it’s more true than ever: For Macomb County Clerk, Fred Miller is still the best qualified and ready to work.

In 2016, more voters chose Fred Miller than ever voted for any Macomb County Executive.

But Donald Trump brought out a wave of new Republican voters in Macomb County-resulting in Republicans making history by winning three countywide races, picking up seats on the Board of Commissioners and local township boards.

Fred’s race was the closest of the countywide races that went Republican in that crazy year when a lot of good Democratic candidates and incumbents lost.

Thousands of voters liked Fred’s record as County Commissioner: authoring the county’s first-ever Ethics Ordinance, balancing County Budgets, and fighting pay raises for elected officials.

And in the last two years, Fred Miller has gained even more valuable experience in County government-helping lead a major department in neighboring Oakland County, working alongside other county employees to provide direct support for citizens, exposing and cracking down on those bilking rightful heirs from their property in probate and breaking new ground by administering nationally recognized innovative programs

Like 2016, it’s unlikely that the Macomb County establishment will be on Fred’s side.  Taking on perks, pay raises and fighting for real reform doesn’t make you popular with other elected officials.

But Fred’s always done what’s best for the people he works for, not what’s best for the politicians he works with.