• In three terms as Macomb County Commissioner (2011 to 2016)
    • Served as Chair of the Finance Committee for two terms, overseeing annual review and passage of county budget. Helped implement reforms in budgeting process to make additional information available to public.


    • Drafted Macomb County’s Ethics Ordinance – the first in Macomb County history and toughest county ordinance statewide – including a ban on inappropriate gifts to elected officials, mandatory disclosure of conflicts of interest among public servants and county contractors, and a crack down on nepotism in hiring and promotion.
    • Drafted county Purchasing Ordinance which cracks down on no-bid contracts and conflicts of interest with public servants and family members and ensures that all county contracts are available for public review (2011-2012)
    • Fought for and won additional transparency in county budget, giving the public more information about how tax dollars are spent (FY 2012-2014)


    • “Macomb Jobs First” – Drafted Macomb County’s Purchasing Ordinance which gives special consideration to Macomb County-based businesses competing for Macomb County contracts


    • Fought for and won local funding to replace cuts to Senior Nutrition Program from federal sequestration cuts, protecting congregate meals5 days per week or approximately 20,000 meals to the tables of eligible Macomb County Seniors (FY 2014)
    • Hosted Senior Town Hall forum at Clinton-Macomb Library highlighting Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, and home care with over 200 area senior citizens in attendance. (2012)


    • Veterans Outreach – After hearing that veterans in Michigan receive less-than-average funding, Miller spearheaded an effort to reach veterans and their families to educate about county, state, and federal services specifically available to veterans.  50,000 targeted flyers were privately funded, produced, and distributed – without taxpayer expense – highlighting services for veterans.
    • Challenged the status-quo and changed funding within Veterans Services Department to ensure that more funds from the voter-approved dedicated veterans’ millage are used directly serving veterans, rather than subsidizing administration.  (FY 2014 budget)
    • The Macomb County Veterans Employment Boot Camp is a specially designed program that helps veterans transition from the military and find employment. The BOC provided funding to enable the program to go wireless and mobile and reach even more veterans.
    • Since 2007 co-hosted an annual free holiday pancake breakfast to raise money and non-perishable food items for Vietnam Veterans of America #154 Veteran Support Center.


    • Consistently voted against pay raises for politicians
        • In March 2012, Miller was the only commissioner to vote against pay raises for top county officials.  After holding firm and a public outcry, the pay raises were later revisited and rejected by the Board.  (3-14-12 Finance Committee)
        • In April 2014, Miller cast the deciding vote against a pay raise for the Board Chair.   (4-17-14 Finance Committee)
        • In April 2016, Miller was one of only four commissioners to reject pay increases for countywide elected officials and commissioners (4-14-16 Full Board)
    • Fought for and received additional funding for the Clerk’s Office to reduce waiting lines, improve E-filing services, and address backlogs – all within a balanced budget. (FY 2014 budget)
    • Fought for and gained additional funding for capacity within the Prosecutor’s Office, which has seen a 340% case increase since 1985 while maintaining the lowest staff level in 20 years.  Found money within the balanced budget to provide resources to hire an additional Assistant Prosecutor and support staff.  (FY 2014 budget
    • Nominated and attended to represent Michigan counties at policy conference on inter-governmental cooperation at the White House with local leaders from throughout the country (2011)
    • As local Green Michigan coordinator, worked with volunteers to distribute over 10,000 pine tree seedlings (as of fall 2015)
    • Helped develop and pass the “Model Humane Pet Ordinance” to guide local governments to adopt uniform standards for the transfer and treatment of pets. (Full Board 6-11-15)
    • Developed and worked to pass the “Macomb County Human Rights Policy” which banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation within the county organization.