In three terms as State Representative (2005 to 2010):

  • 12 bills introduced by Rep. Miller are now law.
  • 28 additional bills passed by House.
  • Received “2008 Friend of Nursing” award from Michigan Nurses Association.
  • Named 2008 Legislator of the Year by Police Officers Association of Michigan.
  • Hosted 59 “Library Hours” meetings to meet face-to-face with constituents
  • Hosted 22 “Town Hall” meetings on various subjects including out of state trash, raising the minimum wage, senior issues, higher education, home heating assistance, college savings plans, long term care, energy efficiency, affirmative action, Hire Michigan First, and energy issues.


  • Hire Michigan First – Developed, and introduced a legislative package to create jobs by requiring companies that receive taxpayer dollars in the form of incentives or construction contracts to provide jobs for Michigan residents.  Also provides for accountability, oversight, and enforcement when taxpayer money is used to create jobs and cracks down on companies that hire illegal workers.   Passed House twice (2007 & 2009)  Currently pending before Conference Committee.
  • Film Industry Incentives – Authored one of the laws that established Michigan’s film industry incentive program that has proven very successful in attracting a new industry to Michigan. (HB5855/PA 84 of 2008)
  • “Bring One Home” Campaign – Worked with the Screen Actors Guild to develop this outreach effort to urge the auto industry and other Michigan companies to locate commercial shoots in Michigan and sponsored resolution urging Michigan-based corporations, advertising companies, and state agencies to film their commercials in Michigan. (HR 103 of 2009)


  • Introduced resolution urging Congress to oppose the South Korea Free Trade Agreement ((HR 101 of 2007)
  • Introduced resolution urging Congress to reject the Columbia Free Trade Agreement (HR 370 of 2008)
  • Introduced resolution urging the President to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. (HR 32 of 2009)


  • Reforming the Macomb County Road Commission – Authored law that allowed Macomb County voters to decide whether or not to abolish the road commission and put the duties under the county government on the ballot along with the county charter.  Allowing the County to try to further streamline their operations and save money. (HB4830/PA 39 of 2009)
  • Accountability for State Contracts – Introduced legislation to ban contractors from state contracts if they are found to break laws or not fulfill previous contracts.  Passed House in 2008 & 2009. (HB 4480 of 2007)
  • Campaign Finance Reform – Introduced legislation to set more reporting deadlines for candidate fundraising, banning honorarium for legislators, banning fundraising in state facilities, and disclosure of sponsor of “robo-calls.”  Passed House in 2007.  (HB 4628 of 2007)
  • Driver’s Responsibility Fee Payment Plan – Authored law to allow a person whose license was revoked for failure to pay a driver’s responsibility fee to enter into a payment plan with Secretary of State and have their license reinstated while they are making payments.  Worked with area district judges to add flexibility to these often unfair and discriminatory fees.  (HB6455/PA 460 of 2008)
  • Twice supported 10% pay cut for legislators.
  • Cosponsored legislation to end retirement health care for legislators.
  • Cosponsored legislation to end legislator/ lobbyist revolving door and provide for greater financial disclosure.


  • MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Macomb Campus – Played an instrumental role in the successful effort to establish the medical school in Macomb County which opened in the fall of 2009.
  • Required State Universities to track and report on outreach efforts in Macomb County.  For three years beginning in 2007, Rep. Miller added language to the Higher Education budget requiring the 15 public universities to gather data on student recruitment and enrollment for the first time ever.
  • As Chair of the Community Colleges Appropriations Subcommittee protected funding for Macomb and 27 other state community colleges.
  • State Aid for Macomb Community College – Authored two resolutions that authorized state spending to construct the Health Sciences and Technology classroom and the Emergency Services Training Center, totaling $9.3 million.  (HCR 31 & 32 of 2007)


  • E-Waste Recycling – Authored law to provide that manufacturers of electronic products have a recycling program for their products for consumers to access.  (HB6715/PA 393 of 2008)
  • Increased State Recycling – Introduced legislation to implement aluminum, glass, and plastic recycling in all state facilities and events.  Passed by House. (HB 4210 & 4211 of 2007)
  • High Efficiency Bulbs in State Buildings – Introduced legislation to require the state to replace burned out bulbs with high efficiency bulbs and ballasts to save energy and taxpayer money.  Passed House and Senate Committee in 2008.  (HB 5316 of 2008)
  • Cosponsored “Great Waters, Great Michigan” legislation signed into law by Governor to prevent diversion of Great Lakes Water and enforce tough standards on companies that extract ground water.
  • Cosponsored plan to curb flow of out of state and Canadian trash to Michigan landfills including a moratorium on expansion of landfills in Michigan.
  • Proper Disposal of Scrap Tires – Authored one law in a legislative package to provide for the proper storage and disposal of scrap tires.  (HB6477/PA 530 of 2006)
  • Introduced resolution urging Congress to approve full funding for the barriers designed to protect the Great Lakes from Asian carp (HR 313 of 2006; adopted 12/12/06)
  • As Green Michigan coordinator, worked with volunteers to distribute over 6,000 pine tree seedlings. (as of Fall 2010)


  • Job Applicant Credit Privacy Act – Introduced legislation to ban the use of credit scores and credit history in employment decisions.  Passed House 2008.  (HB 4887 of 2008)
  • Chairman of House Labor Committee 2007 to 2008.  Championed several legislative initiatives including pay equity, employee privacy, Hire Michigan First, and safe staffing legislation among other issues.
  • Organized “Lunch Bucket” lecture series at Capitol, facilitating bi-partisan discussion of issues affecting working people. (2009 -2010)


  • Unemployment for Military Spouses – Authored law to allow the spouse of an active military person to qualify for unemployment if the military has the family relocate.  Under previous law, a spouse would not qualify for unemployment even though it is not their choice to leave a job. (HB6427/PA 480 of 2008)
  • Worked with U.S. Department of Defense to introduce legislation to honor a military service member’s wishes to designate a person of their choice for the purpose of the disposition of their remains upon death.  Passed by House and Senate Committee in 2010. (HB 5850 of 2009)
  • Since 2007 co-hosted an annual free holiday pancake breakfast to raise money and non-perishable food items for Vietnam Veterans of America #154 Veteran Support Center in Roseville.


  • Cosponsored Elder Abuse legislative package to increase penalties for cheating or defrauding seniors, strengthen consumer protections for seniors, and creates the “Mozelle Alert” to notify the public when senior goes missing.
  • Cosponsored legislative initiatives to lower prescription drug costs and to repeal drug industry immunity when their products harm or kill.


  • Gift Card Transparency – Authored law to ban dormancy fees, extend expiration dates to 5 years, and provide for written notification of all terms and conditions of gift cards.  (HB4050/PA 210 of 2008)
  • Identity Theft Protection – Worked with Michigan Department of Treasury and Blue Cross Blue Shield state agencies to encrypt Social Security Numbers on tax and medical statements to lesson vulnerability to identity theft.


  • Fingerprint Signature/ “Loreena’s Law” –  Allows a person who otherwise cannot sign           their name, due to disability or other reason, to legally use their fingerprint in place of their signature (HB4258/PA 266 of 2005)
  • Board Member, Disability Network Oakland Macomb 2006 – 2008


  • District Grants for Clintondale and Chippewa Valley Schools in 2007 & 2008 (Two of only five in the state)
  • Assisted local bank in cutting red tape in opening additional branch.
  • Worked to prevent closing of State Police Crime Lab in Sterling Heights after it was slated to be eliminated in 2007.
  • Clarified record for man who was repeatedly wrongfully denied parole.
  • Worked with state agencies to add MIChild info to UI packets.


  • Cosponsored legislation for state to officially recognize Juneteenth holiday.  (2005)
  • Sponsored resolution to urge increased aid and humanitarian assistance to the regions of Pakistan devastated by the earthquake of October 8, 2005 (HR 160 of 2005)
  • Sponsored resolution urging an immediate cease fire in Lebanon and Gaza area to stop the killing of innocent civilians on all sides (HR 291 of 2006)
  • Introduced resolution urging Congress to oppose continuation of all provisions of the USA Patriot Act which infringes upon individuals’ civil liberties, set to expire in 2005. (HR 73 of 2005)


  • Passed legislation to ban the use of poison gas for use in euthanizing homeless dogs and cats.  (HB 6042 & 6043)

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